100. Yılı Kutlu Olsun

Brokerage Services

Başkent Menkul Değerler provides appropriate commission rates, reliable and fast services for your trading transactions. You may issue your trading orders to our Customer Representatives by visiting session rooms at our head office, branches and liaison office. Your orders are safely carried out with the "customer number" provided when opening your account.

Equity Credit

You may use share credit to increase your investment power. You must have cash in your account or shares in BIST 30 index, worth 50% of your equity capital for this.

Capital increases and dividend follow-up transactions

It performs transactions on your behalf on the shares in your account for use of priority rights, paid/unpaid capital increases, cash and/or share transfer to your account of dividend distribution.

Short selling and stock borrowing and lending transactions

Short selling is; sale by the investor of securities not owned, with the expectation that prices shall fall in the future, and the transaction of purchasing the security from the market and delivering it when the delivery date is reached. The aim is to realize profit through the prices difference obtained by selling the shares at high prices and later purchasing from lower prices and delivering to the purchaser. It is the opposite of the purchase-sell transaction. The shares are first sold and then purchased. The logic of Short Selling is based on predicting fall in share prices. If stock prices rise, then this may cause loss.