100. Yılı Kutlu Olsun

If you intend to achieve a stable return and take no risk, you may make use of investments by buying Bonds/Bills. Participation is made to Treasury and Central Bank tenders on behalf and on account of Başkent Menkul Değerler Customers, at suitable rates and preferred maturity dates. Treasury Bills can be converted to cash through market prices every day, no matter what the maturity dates are

Treasury Bills

It is an investment made by paying an amount (TL) calculated by discount over a certain interest rate, in order to reach a certain amount (nominal value) at the end of the maturity which is less than a year.

Treasury Bonds

It is an investment instrument with maturity longer than one year, and having coupon payments at regular periods of a certain interest rate over the capital. Coupon payments may have a predetermined interest rate (fixed rate)