100. Yılı Kutlu Olsun
Business Segments
  • Buying and selling Equities.
  • Providing credits for capital market products.
  • Buying and Selling Treasury Bills and Bonds, Repurchase Agreements (Repo).
  • Buying direct sales from Central Bank’s Bond Auctions.
  • Asset Management and Consultancy Services by our own referral. Stand by
  • Futures and Options Market transactions (VIOP Market).
  • Foreign Exchange transactions in Capital Markets.
  • Initial Public Offering Services (IPO) by our own referral. Stand by
  • Set up a new Asset Management Co. and set up and manage any Kind of Investment Funds.
  • Providing Investment Partnership set up service and being a share holder to such a structure.
  • To set up and manage Mutual Funds by an Asset Management Co.
  • Equity Loan Market and Short Sell transactions.
  • FOREX Markets (leveraged) transactions.
  • Custody Bank (TakasBank) Money Market transactions.

Our Company is among the share holders of Istanbul Stock Exchange Market (Borsa Istanbul)) As Başkent Invest we continue our operations with no conflict, no problem and trustworthy, most credible way in the face of Capital Markets and Istanbul Stock Exchange Market and our Customers