Open an Account

Open an Account

When you open an account in Baskent Securities Inc.:

•             Stocks,

•             Treasury Bills and Government Bonds,

•             You can reach all products of our Research Department,

We do not have any lower limit to open an account

Our Bank Account Numbers

For TL:  

BIST Takasbank A.Ş. IBAN: TR54 0013 2000 0000 0000 000 678

İş Bankası Commercial Branch. IBAN: TR37 0006 4000 0011 3980 018 371



ACCOUNT NO: 18 371

1. You can download our agreements below to your computer;

    a) Download Contracts to your computer.

    b) Take 2 copies of the contract printouts.

    c) complete and sign each page as complete.

    d) with the Baskent Securities Inc. Abide-i Hurriyet cad. No: 211 Block C floor: 6 34381 Istanbul Sisli / ISTANBUL send our address.

Contract Click to Download File

(Important Notice) Click for our customers Address Information Update and Recent Documents Required for Account Opening

Internet Operations Contract Click to Download File

Capital Market Intermediary Exchange Agreement

By telephone or via the Internet order transactions for shares and bills and bonds are these contracts required.

Need to be attached to the Contract Documents

1. 1 duplex legible photocopy of identity

2. Notarized signature declaration.

Considerations are

1. Capital Market Intermediary to sign all pages of the Sale and Purchase Agreement contract filling and the necessary places with your handwriting, you need to fill.

2. According a new disclose 07 September 2000 with number 46 on the Capital Markets Board and the Investor Information Form for all accounts will open must be filled. Investor Information Form investors accounts will not be opened unless filling the contracts.

3. date 06.19.2001 and No. 2 lines must have a Tax Identification Number VAT identification number of the general notification in accordance with all of our investors. The relevant section in the Investor Information Form is necessary to absolutely write your Tax Office and Tax Identification Number.

4. 09.01.2008 date and 26571 new obligations concerning the numbered Official Gazette and 01.04.2008, the date of entering into force proceeds of crime detection of LAUNDERING AND TERRORIST FINANCING PREVENTION ON MEASURES The credentials of the Regulation on account opening has been introduced. In this context, our company has found the account before you submit your obligation to our Company until 30.04.2009 documents relating to the confirmed address our customers before entering into force. According to that regulations, to confirm an address investors should declare intermediary,

- Place of residence document (residence) or,

- Electricity, water, gas, phone, such as those relating to a service that requires a subscription and organized within three months from the submission date of the invoice or,,

- Certificate issued by a government agency,

You must submit to the company until the date of 30.04.2009. To contact with our company until the date of 30.04.2009 in the process to make a transaction valuable customers after the date mentioned in the relevant regulations to avoid a disruption.